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Hatchback, Sedan, or Crossover: Which to Choose

It can get really confusing when you have to choose between the plethora of cars available in the market today. Whether it is a sleek sedan, a compact hatchback, a family SUV or a modern crossover, the choices are plenty.

We’ve listed down the pros and cons of each kind of car that can help you shortlist on, at least, the type of car that you require.


Let’s start with the most common option available, a standard sedan. Sedans are favorable to most people as they provide for the major portion of a driver or owner’s car needs. Sedans, thanks to their design dynamics and low center of gravity, are also some of the fastest, most powerful cars.

Pros of Owning a Sedan:

  1. Sedans are more fuel-efficient compared to crossovers and SUVs, considering their lightweight.
  2. Sedans offer roomy and spacious interiors to accommodate 4-5 passengers.
  3. Sedans are equipped with some of the best safety features as they are commonly used to drive around families and groups of individuals.
  4. Sedans are more aerodynamic in styling, which improves their handling characteristics.

Cons of Owning a Sedan:

  1. Sedans are not very flashy if what you’re looking for is a sportier or more luxurious model.
  2. Sedans have sufficient space but cannot beat crossovers and SUVs that have more than enough room.
  3. Sedans can face issues while parking as they demand more space than hatchbacks.


Moving on to the most compact car – the hatchback. A hatchback is, in simple terms, a car with a hatch or an upwards opening door in the trunk. This feature gives most hatchbacks, essentially, five doors – four for passengers and one for the trunk. Folding the rear seats in a hatchback can also increase the trunk space to carry more luggage.

Pros of Owning a Hatchback:

  1. Being the smallest in the category, hatchbacks are often the least expensive.
  2. Owing to their size and compact nature, hatchbacks can be easily parked or taken out of a spot.
  3. Maneuverability in hatchbacks is better and they can be taken around town without much worry.
  4. Thanks to the hatch door on the trunk, hatchbacks tend to have better rear visibility.

Cons of Owning a Hatchback:

  1. Hatchbacks have the least powerful engines compared to sedans and crossovers.
  2. Space can often be an issue if you wish to carry more passengers or an extra load of luggage.
  3. Hatchbacks can be potentially less fuel-efficient owing to the lack of aerodynamics compared to sedans.


Crossovers, a cross between sedans and SUVs, have recently gained a lot of popularity, in a very short time. They offer the roomy interiors of an SUV and the dynamism of a sedan. They come in front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drivetrains and offer enough ground clearance & a more commanding view of the road ahead.

Pros of Owning a Crossover:

  1. Crossovers come in a smaller size than SUVs, offering a more efficient and agile ride.
  2. Crossovers are more powerful than sedans and hatchbacks.
  3. They can give you the best experiences when it comes to adventurous and off-road drives.
  4. Crossovers offer more room than sedans and hatchbacks.

Cons of Owning a Crossover:

  1. Crossovers can be an expensive option, as opposed to sedans and hatchbacks.
  2. They are less powerful than SUVs and trucks if you’re looking at the sheer power of the vehicle to make the decision. 
  3. Unlike SUVs, towing and hauling in crossovers can get difficult.