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How to Use Hybrid Cars Efficiently

There are many ways to get the most out of your hybrid car. Whether it is taking care of your battery or using cruise control, and accelerating slowly, it’s important to take these steps to help your hybrid function at optimum efficiency.

Being aware of your fuel economy will also improve your hybrid experience. Along with the fuel, keep the tire pressures in check, at regular intervals. This can help you maintain a similar mileage throughout.

To help you take care of your hybrid better, we’ve listed below a few tips and tricks that can optimize your hybrid driving experience.

Develop Good Driving Habits

To maximize the hybrid’s potential and possibilities for efficiency, the first thing you must learn is to drive the car. Watching the speedometer and using cruise control might not be a common exercise in regular cars, however, they are pivotal aspects of driving a hybrid.

  1. If your hybrid has a display for fuel economy on the dashboard, make sure you keep a regular check on it. It will give you real-time updates about the car’s fuel efficiency. It becomes important to incorporate driving styles that are more fuel-efficient.
  2. Hybrids use a technology feature known as regenerative braking which allows the battery to recharge from the energy produced by the brakes. Using the brakes efficiently can help the car in the long run.
  3. However, remember to not apply the brakes too soon. Your hybrid needs to have enough distance and space to effectively brake.

Drive-In High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lanes 

High-occupancy lanes are designed in order to reduce traffic during peak hours. HOVs allow vehicles with two or more people to enter the lane. Certain states may even allow hybrids with only one passenger to enter the HOVs. Driving in these lanes allows the hybrid to maintain a regular pace and performance that helps optimize its fuel efficiency.

Maintain a Low Speed

Hybrids are not meant to be driven at a great speed. Its fuel efficiency declines if driven over 55 miles per hour. Aiming for a top highway speed of around 60 miles an hour can be considered a decent speed.

If you’ve set the cruise control to 70 miles per hour or more, turn it off, especially on an incline. Hybrids are not designed to be raced and dragged from 0-60mph in less than 10 seconds. This can have a huge impact on the functioning of your hybrid. Make sure you accelerate moderately. 

This will let the gas and electric engines operate in tandem and offer a smoother ride in the long run. When driving up a hill, ensure that your hybrid is neither too fast nor too slow. This can cause the hybrid to drift and in turn, impact its mileage and fuel efficiency.

Make Sure to Use Cruise Control

Cruise control lets you rev the engine and accelerate at a moderate pace. Revving the engine too much or accelerating too quickly can cause the gas engines to kick in. This can be bad for your hybrid’s fuel economy. Setting your cruise control at an optimum speed can help the car maintain its performance.